Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kosciusko, MS to Jackson MS

March 23rd 
Kosciusko, MS to Jackson MS

It’s the final day of our adventure and I find myself both really excited and kind of sad. The day started off fairly chilly. Having learned from yesterday’s experiences I tried to dress differently today with hopes of staying warm. I put on two bike jerseys (a trick I picked up from Melissa), a double layer of biking socks and I even put my bike shorts on over my bike pants – as an unexpected benefit I was left with two layers of padding between my bum and the bike seat. I was very comfortable.

The Bike Adventure crew at breakfast on the last day.

A Police Escort actually drove us into to town stopping all the traffic for us as we traveled. We actually had Jack our most senior rider in the lead. Having the police make way for us as we traveled down the street was really cool.

We arrived at the church and brought in all our gear. The showers at the facility were fairly nice and we ate pizza for lunch. I remember taking a brief nap shortly afterwards. Oh and I think I forgot to mention – this place actually has cots to sleep on as well. If you’ve ever been on one of these trips you know that having cots to sleep on are a rare treat.

That night we traveled to Tugaloo College, a historically African-American, private, coeducational, church-related, four-year, liberal arts institution located at the northern edge of Jackson, Mississippi. Tugaloo was one of the beneficiaries of Millard Fuller’s fortune when he was giving away all of his money. He even spent a brief amount of time working there before going on to Kornania Farm.

 We arrived at the house of the President of Tugaloo College and were given a warm welcome. A huge banquet was provided for us and many of the foods described to me were so fancy I couldn’t pronounce them. It was delicious! Tugaloo is really an impressive institution; although small in size they have a very impressive science program and a high rate of sending students to graduate school. President Hogan is very kind and approachable. A few of the students actually came to visit and eat with us as well. Some of them are actually considering doing the ride next year which is awesome.

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