Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting the Most out of My Road Bike

Last summer I went on the trip of a lifetime with Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. We traveled from Seattle Washington to Washington D.C. to speak out about, raise awareness and raise money for poverty housing world-wide. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to support such a noble cause.

            I’ve always enjoyed biking since I was kid although last spring was the first time I ever bought a road bike. It was also the first time I participated in a charity ride. Last summer may have come and gone, but I still have my road bike, my legs and strong desire to use it to do some good in the world. So I’ve created this blog because I plan to continue biking for causes whether biking a cross country or biking for a weekend and I need a way to get the word out about what I’m doing and platform to share all my wonderful adventures with everyone.

            The Fuller Center Bike Adventure is coming up again and I have signed up for a week long segment from Tabernacle New Jersey to Williamsburg Virginia [Insert Date] and fundraising $750 for the Fuller Centers Mission of providing affordable housing worldwide. The proceeds will go to where the need is greatest. I do not know what the future holds; I may find a better employment opportunity between now and then and only be able to ride for a day or two. I may find myself exactly where I am now. But either way I definitely want to be part of this ride even if it’s just for a day since this is the fifth anniversary of Fuller Center Bike Adventure and everyone is excited about it.

You can find out more information about the Fuller Center here:

And you can support my ride here: