Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Duck River TN to Collinwood TN

March 18th 2013

Duck River TN to Collinwood

Rain poured down as we left the Methodist church and began the ride this morning. At first it wasn’t such a big deal, I have spent entire days riding in the rain before. I figured it would just be one more thing that made today an adventure. There was thunder and lightning, but that never scared me as a child and although it probably should scare me as an adult, but it doesn’t especially with so many trees above me.

Little did I know then that I was riding through a named storm. It was a weird name too like Urek or something like that. I also didn’t know that later in the day the temperature was going to drop and I was going to be shivering. The next day I would also see whole trees torn from the ground from this storm. Roots lay jagged and open in the air when they should be clinging tightly to the Earth.

Fortunately I survived although I was very cold. Another highlight was going by the Merriwether Lewis memorial. I didn’t know that Merriwether Lewis was born in Albemarle, Virginia, the same place where my Dad grew up. It’s like I keep saying Virginians are taking over the world.

When we arrived in Collinwood they had nice heaters ready for us. Pastor Tim took us to the showers at a Firehouse down the road. We were able to grab coffee or hot chocolate in my case from a store called the Dragonfly. The church cooked us a huge dinner and allowed us to give a presentation. Tom, Angela, myself and a few others spoke at the presentation.

We ended the night with a bike chain cleaning party since all of our chains had become disgusting from riding in the rain.

It was an adventure and we all survived it. Looking forward to the century tomorrow.

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