Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I must apologize, the last few places haven't had internet so I have been posting as often as I like. This is why the next few posts will be rapid to cover the last few days. I'm glad I typed everything up in a word document.

March 16, 2013
Nashville TN to Duck River TN

It’s day 2 here on the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. Today we went out for a practice ride which was an experience in itself because this is first time I’ve biked with only rear brakes. My front brakes weren’t ready yet, but Jonas said I would be ok as long as I was comfortable with it, and Jonas has yet to let me down. It’s not living unless you’re living on the edge right?

Here are some pictures of our practice ride:

After which we went to the showers and Marty our bus driver, who was kind enough to bus us to the showers took us by Al Gore’s house. I didn’t even know that Al Gore lived in TN. Crazy right?

Then we had a debriefing of the ride, reviewed the history of the Fuller Center and had people assigned to chore groups. I’m actually a chore leader this year. I’m in charge of dinner clean up, thank you notes, and site cleanup when we leave. Those who signed up for my group are on top of things, they are usually already hard at work before I even ask them.

After that was settled a group left for bike shop, I hoped on board with that since I wanted to grab some tubes and I needed to buy some shampoo and body wash since I didn’t pack any for fear that it would register as liquid on the airport.

While at Wall Greens we picked up some interesting stuff, but I’ll save that information for later in the blog as a surprise, also I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share with all of you by that time.

For Blake I’m sure is interested we ate ham and cheese sandwiches, apples and cookies for lunch and salad with veggies, bananas and some sauce with rice and beef for dinner, and yes Blake it was delicious.

Jonas introduced us to videos of the Target Lady on YouTube. I’ll let you use your imagination. Then the lights went out and it was the end to another great day.

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